Music: the real English learning

The music industry has intentionally contributed to the globalisation of English as a language. Therefore, it is undeniable that through songs it gets easier to improve our fluency. For this reason, listening to music can be a very helpful method to enhance our proficiency outside the classroom.

Some artists use songs to express inner feelings and life situations, this is why they might be difficult to understand at first glance. However, as any other piece of art (if we can refer to it as such) free interpretation is allowed, despite the twists and turns the story might present.

In what is to follow, I aim at exploring some songs that go beyond just a good beat, they also contain an interesting story or even a moral message within the lyrics. These are, perhaps, the ones in which I believe the singer has a clear accent regardless of the country they come from. Seguir leyendo “Music: the real English learning”

I survived the dubbing process

Watching films dubbed in Spanish made me reflect on the real impact on English learners in Spain.

More than six years ago I arrived to Pamplona, a city with a total different culture and I knew from the get-go I had to make my way somehow in order to adapt quickly to survive. One of my favourite pastimes back in my country, that could help me through that process, was going to the cinema, I have always enjoyed that, such a harmless and creative activity that could take me away to far distant imaginary places and could make me think of other things instead of the awkward feeling of leaving my family and friends behind.

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Freestyle Football Magic

I’m not a huge exercise fan. If given the choice, I’d much rather stay at home watching a film and generally lazing around than working out at the gym. I do try to go jogging and do some cardio every now and then, though, but I admit it’s something I have to force myself to do  in order not to put up too much weight , though. I’m not into watching sports either: I’m probably one of the few Colombians who didn’t go wild when our national football team came fourth at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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Hospitality vs. Hostility

In tourism, many factors can cause conflicts between hosts and guests. The sources of conflict are many. Central to the problem is that tourism, by its nature, commoditises the people of the host population and their culture, disrupts the structure of a local society, renders hosts and guests as stereotypes, and increases opportunities for crimes. These and other negative consequences can lead to misunderstanding, xenophobia, and eventually hostility toward tourists and even the businesses catering to them.

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Tips any English learner should consider

It was time for me to post something on this blog. I apologise for taking so long. I must say, even for an English teacher like me, writing can be a good exercise. In all my years as a teacher, I have been hearing my students telling me the main difficulties they find when it comes to being able to communicate in English. I must admit, some of those issues, I have gone through as well when I was learning and improving my own skills. However, as many other things in life, such difficulties are likely to be overcome, because believe or not, all human beings, as in the animal kingdom, have the power of adaptation.

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Visiting Navarra – Las Bardenas Reales Experience

A few of us came up with the great idea to go check out Las Bardenas Reales by bike. Seven of us ended up going and we carpooled to Arguedas. Upon arriving, we went to the “city” center and had almuerzo before heading to the bike rental shop – which was closed. We called the number on the door, and, thankfully, the owner was still there and rented us our bikes and helmets.

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